10 - 15 JUNE, 2018


ICAD 2018 Sonification as ADSR

Art | Design | Science | Research

Auditory researchers are familiar with “ADSR” (Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release), which are basic components of sound. In ICAD 2018, we want to (1) not only go back to the basics but also (2) explore and integrate various potentials of auditory displays and sonification as “ADSR” (Art-Design-Science-Research). Under this conference theme, we will value and embrace all types of submissions, including papers, extended abstracts, multimedia (videos/audios), concert pieces, demos and installations.

Hosted by Michigan Technological University’s Cognitive and Learning Sciences, Computer Science, College of Sciences and Arts and the Institute of Computing and Cybersystems’ Center for Human-Centered Computing.

Keynote Speakers

Dr. Carryl Baldwin
Dr. Carryl Baldwin
Associate Professor, Human Factors and Applied Cognition Program, George Mason University
“Auditory Displays to Facilitate Attention Management in Highly Autonomous Systems” Two recent crashes in January ...
Dr. Stefania Serafin
Dr. Stefania Serafin
Professor, Aalborg University Copenhagen
“20 Years of Sonic Interactions” Sonic interaction design is a fertile field of investigation at the intersection ...

Topics for ICAD 2018

Art and Design

  • Music composition inspired by data/interactive-sonification
  • Integrative arts including sonification
  • Performing arts including sonification
  • Culture-specific sonification
  • Speculative, aspirational, and prototype designs
  • Aesthetics of auditory displays and sonification
  • Sonic information design paradigm, theory, and taxonomy
  • Design examples, case studies, and real-world applications
  • Design methods, processes, tools, and techniques
  • Users, experiences, and contexts of using sonification

Science and Research

  • Design of new a sensor, device, or platform for auditory displays & sonification
  • Methods and processes
  • Participatory design approaches
  • Accessibility, inclusive design, and assistive technologies
  • Auditory user interfaces
  • Psychology, cognition, perception and psychoacoustics
  • Computational/algorithmic approaches·
  • Human Factors, Ergonomics and Usability
  • Computational/algorithmic approaches
  • Spatial/3D sound
  • Sound scape, auditory scene analysis
  • Sonification in Health and Environmental Data (soniHED)
  • Sonification in the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cybersecurity
  • Sonification in automated vehicles


Paper NotificationApril 13 2018 (Fri), Camera Ready – May 5 (Sat)

EA Submission – April 20 2018 (Fri)

Workshop/tutorial – April 6 2018 (Fri)

ThinkTank – April 20 2018 (Fri)

Sonification Concert – April 20 2018 (Fri)

Installations – April 20 2018 (Fri)


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